I think it needs to be known how Lambeth Council behave when confronted with alternative proposals to their demolition plans to the estates in the borough over which they presently have political control.

If you don’t follow ASH on Twitter or are not a member of the Facebook group or read their blog you will probably not be aware of the hostility they are up against on a day to day basis in putting forward an alternative method of dealing with the housing situation in Lambeth.

Once again therefore, rightly or wrongly, I feel it necessary to publish what happened the night ASH tried to present their alternative proposals for Central Hill to Lambeth Council.

You can read about the presentation itself on their blog here:-

ASH Presentation to Central Hill Estate Residents Engagement Panel

What you’re less likely to read is what follows, as published on the Facebook page. Once again I don’t know if I ought to be doing this but I think you are entitled to know, if you have any interest in the housing situation in London.

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I attended a showing of Estate: a Reverie by Andrea Luka Zimmerman on Wednesday evening at the Tate Modern. Following the film an interesting discussion took place among six interested parties and from a poor quality recording I have transcribed some excerpts as shown below.

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Click image for audio and see Tweet


If you want to skip the introductions the interview proper starts at 9m20s in.

Heard through @municipaldreams


Audio from the live stream here:-

Jeremy Corbyn Glasgow speech (40m)

Download the audio mp3 file Right Click and Save As:-

Audio mp3

No I wasn’t there, I’m just posting the links.


Trident independent?

Joanna Spiers, from the East End of Glasgow, who found herself sharing a train carriage with Corbyn on Friday, says: “I felt like someone was speaking to me about the Labour of my youth, my upbringing. I haven’t been able to feel trust like that since John Smith was alive. And, whisper it, but I don’t even think his ideas are that radical!”



Click the image for audio

To save the audio as a download file right click and save as from the link below:-

Jeremy Corbyn at Norwich

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UPDATE: Audio now available Housing Debate audio Right click and Save As to download file. I won’t be transcribing this debate.

If you see this and want to join us then head to Holy Trinity & St Matthias Church Tulse Hill (Herne Hill or Tulse Hill overground or Brixton tube then walk / bus) for 7.15pm

The panel for this evening’s debate is made up of the following. For their details click the photos.

jb me mb dave_hill cb mc pw
Jon’ B Michael E Matt’ B Dave H Chris B Marcia C Paul W
Candidate Academic Councillor Journalist Developer Councillor Academic
Green UCL Labour Guardian Igloo Labour Birkbeck

The Twitter hashtag is #HousingQT. To contact me this evening email debate@singleaspect.org.uk or Tweet @housingonfilm

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I was invited unexpectedly to the launch of a new social housing campaign group at Portcullis House last night and while I did not take notes or record the audio, here are a few photos and some brief notes from memory.

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UPDATE: Audio -> London Forum talk – main speaker John Allen

Planning chaos, the housing crisis and mayor’s new policies

Friday 11 April 2014

Time: 6pm for 6:30pm

Planning chaos, the housing crisis and mayor’s new policies
The open meeting will cover the shortage of London homes and the failure of the mayor’s altered London Plan (FALP) to deal with it. The event will cover also the Government’s withdrawal of Localism, interference in planning decisions and increased permitted development rights which are all wrong for London and harming its economy.
Venue: The Gallery
Location: 75 Cowcross Street EC1M 6EJ near to Farringdon station

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This meeting took place at City Hall last Monday 31st March from 1830 – 2000 in principle, I arrived late at 1845 and the meeting ran on until 2015, an audio recording of the time I was there is available to listen to on YouTube at this link:-

Lessons from Europe in Tackling London’s Housing Crisis

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Royal Academy Podcasts

March 22nd, 2014

The Architects Who Made London with Maxwell Hutchinson:

Series 1

Click the name beneath for the podcast


Inigo Jones

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