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You can download the 1280×720 version of the above video with this the 1080p requires more work.

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The Guardian have moved their videos to Youtube. So to watch Anywhere But Westminster at HD you must first go to the Guardian Youtube channel. This is the link below:-

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When we left the last post we had downloaded an .mp4 file from the Guardian website using View Source (Ctrl+u) to find the link and right-click Save Link As to get the file and Videolan VLC to watch it.

Now we’re going to get the HD version of the same film using the .m3u8 link and VLC.

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If you read the Guardian on-line and occasionally watch their excellent videos you may perhaps have wondered if there’s a way to a) keep them and b) see them at a higher resolution.

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All Our Working Lives – The Shipbuilders.mp4 (download and play)

Original 1984 documentary of one hour then a half hour update programme

British Connection Clydebank – Kelso.mp4

BBC Alba – subtitles in English – Clydebank forms the first half hour

Dreaming the impossible: Unbuilt Britain – A revolution in the City

BBC Four 58m59s

The Secret History of our Streets – Duke_Street.mp4

BBC Four – subtitles – 59m22s

BBC page on the programme

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Jonathan Meades – films

November 12th, 2016

Abroad Again – part 4 of 5 – Heaven – Folkwoven In England.avi – Letchworth

Bunkers Brutalism and Bloodymindedness Concrete Poetry_pt1.mp4

Bunkers Brutalism and Bloodymindedness Concrete (subtitle file)

Bunkers Brutalism and Bloodymindedness Concrete Poetry_pt2.mp4

Bunkers Brutalism and Bloodymindedness Concrete (subtitle file)

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“Back in 1979, I made a BBC documentary called City of Towers, charting how the futuristic dreams crystallised in the Twenties by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier had led to the high-rise nightmare that blighted Britain’s cities in the Sixties. The film won some acclaim – not least, surprisingly, from some of the modern architects whose work it had featured, from Maxwell Fry to Richard Seifert, creator of the Centre Point tower.”

“But when, some years later, there were calls for the programme to be repeated, Mr Yentob startled a BBC meeting by expostulating that the film would only ever be shown again “over my dead body”.”

Now this in the Guardian
Alan Yentob: the last impresario

City of Towers – reviewed

City of Towers – Film notes

City of Towers – Christopher Booker / Christopher Martin
Click here to play or download

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UPDATE 25/4/18: I’m not convinced the programme makers have correctly described the layout of the “scissor” flats in this block. If you live there or know someone who does please leave a comment underneath this article.


BBC/Oxford Film and Television/Lorian Reed-Drake

“I want to discover how the high-rise flat became the answer to Britain’s post-war housing crisis and why this modern way of living became loathed and loved in almost equal measure”

In weeks gone by the series has looked at the Medieval cottage and then the C19th terraced house. This week the final part takes us firmly into the C20th with concrete rather than brick construction and multi-storey towers replacing houses with gardens.

On Youtube here The Flat

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BBC/Oxford Film and Television/Lorian Reed-Drake

“I want to discover what made the terrace Britains home of choice and why they’re still as devoted to these houses as their first inhabitants were well over a century ago.”

This week’s programme examines the development of the terraced house in the Liverpool district of Toxteth during the 19th century. As the city grew as a port, its population expanded both with the rural exodus and the influx of Irish migrants fleeing the potato famine.

On Youtube here The Terrace

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Programme Name: Dan Cruickshank: At Home With The British - TX: n/a - Episode: Cottages (No. 1 - Cottages) - Picture Shows: Dan Cruickshank - (C) Oxford Film and Television - Photographer: Lorian Reed-Drake

BBC/Oxford Film and Television/Lorian Reed-Drake

“I want to go beyond masonry and mortar and come face to face with residents past and present, I want to understand how they lived and how they transformed buildings into homes.”

In a remarkable programme lasting just one hour Dan Cruickshank traces the development of a Warwickshire village beginning with its entry in the Domesday Book then through 500 years of history to the present day, studying in great detail the transformation of Medieval cottage life to the home comforts we have come to know by way of the chimney stack, glass windows and separate rooms for different functions.

On Youtube here The Cottage

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