Sustaining Tower Blocks has been a movable feast for some time so I've decided to host it myself for want of a permanent solution Sustaining Tower Blocks

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Sustaining Tower Blocks

There is a page within their website that refers to making scissor flats within a tower block by cutting through the floors, it's in the page linked below entitled Layout:-

Chris Church mentioned in the Guardian

I'd like to point you to two related sources, the first is a .pdf at and the second is a website obviously related to the Sustaining Towers website

Also see this pdf which is a summary of the original Sustaining Towers website 39909838-Retrofitting-5-09-Sustaining-Towers.pdf

An oddity is the IslingtonEstate website which mirrors mine, which was itself mirrored from when it existed. I have no idea who is behind but if you add the subject pages to the main URL as for instance with you find all they have changed is the header image. Very odd.