A2Dominion have carried out a number of developments that incorporate single aspect flats, in one case conversion of an office building in Bletchley where it would have been expensive to avoid single aspect flats, and another in Pimlico which was a new build by MAKE and therefore something I regard as a missed opportunity.

The Bletchley project was called Vue2 and you’d be hard pressed to find evidence of it on their website now although a floorplan still lurks on the file server here and should they ever remove it then you can still see the same document here.

Of the twenty-seven shared ownership apartments in that block nineteen are single aspect and of those eight are North facing, eight South facing and three West facing.  The remaining eight dual aspect flats are on the corners of the block and dual aspect by virtue of their position rather than spanning the block and having a view both ways which would have been preferable.

There are serious sunlight issues with the North facing rooms and I did a study using a tool added to Google maps, the results of my study may be seen at this page here.

The Pimlico development was called Grosvenor Waterside and should you be seduced by the marketing material then get a reality check here or here.  If you would like to see an aerial shot of the site before development than click here. The marketing brochure may be found here.  Note the attractive concrete columns set tastefully along the windows, be aware of the low ceiling heights of 7’3″ in the corridors, kitchens, and bathrooms (from the design and access statement).

Note the single aspect typology and proximity to the railway lines of Victoria station. Note that in neither document is North indicated and so it is not possible to determine which way the A2Dominion dwellings face, although I have recently heard from a former buyer that they face West.

See the Woods House full article here

Now PRP have joined them, see Munro Mews

Taylor Wimpey too, see Academy Central

Assael architects too, see Alfa Laval

A review in the London Evening Standard of the revised London Housing Design Guide has a word or two to say about developers and their mean flats too:-

“Just do an online search through new developments in London. Most of them, particularly in areas where land values are low and councils are desperate for development, consist of mean, single-aspect one-bedroom apartments of about 35 sq m, usually with a small balcony but no other storage. The websites of Barratt, Berkeley, St George, Redrow, Taylor Wimpey and the rest are full of them. Between them these developers have created what the introduction to the guide calls a “damaging legacy” for London.” – Kieran Long

To read the full article by Kieran Long please click the following link:-

Boris the builder the Mayor’s vision for London housing

or if they ever pull it get it >here<

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