All Our Working Lives – The Shipbuilders.mp4 (download and play)

Original 1984 documentary of one hour then a half hour update programme

British Connection Clydebank – Kelso.mp4

BBC Alba – subtitles in English – Clydebank forms the first half hour

Dreaming the impossible: Unbuilt Britain – A revolution in the City

BBC Four 58m59s

The Secret History of our Streets – Duke_Street.mp4

BBC Four – subtitles – 59m22s

BBC page on the programme

Thatcher and the Scots.mp4 – BBC Scotland

Craig Williams – 2008 – 55m – missing first five minutes

Thatcher – The Downing Street Years.mp4

BBC Two – Woman at War 59m34s

38 minutes in, “the idiocy of the housewives budget” and the loss of British industry.

The British at Work 1964-1980.mp4

Kirsty Young – BBC – missing the last ten minutes

The Clydebank Blitz.mp4

BBC Scotland 2010 – 59m19s

The Men who Built the Liners.mp4

BBC – 59m09s

Glasgow through the ages.avi – 2000

Contains some archive footage of housing

OU_Glasgow.mp4 (incomplete) (download to play)

only first four minutes

Glasgow 1974.mp4 (stills)

Two BBC Radio 4 programmes about Upper Clyde Shipbuilders

Clydeside work-in – Witness BBC R4 (audio)

When the eyes of the world were on the Clyde (audio)

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