The Guardian have moved their videos to Youtube. So to watch Anywhere But Westminster at HD you must first go to the Guardian Youtube channel. This is the link below:-

You can download the 1280×720 version of the above video with this the 1080p requires more work.

To get it at higher resolution let’s engage Bradly below:-

When you’ve installed that to your browser you will find a download button below the Youtube screen.

When you click the download button you will have Alternative formats experimental at the bottom of the list.

I downloaded 1080p mp4 DASH video and ?x? webm DASH audio 160kbps to my computer.

The first is the (silent) video and the second is the audio only. I managed to play them simultaneously using Videolan VLC let’s see if I can do it again.

Open VLC and from the menu go to Media then Open Multiple Files as in the image above.

Which will result in the screen above please note Show more options in the lower left hand corner, and click in that box resulting in the following screen.

In the image above I have already added a video file via the Add button at top r/h corner. The next step is to click in the Play another media synchronously (extra audio file, …) towards the bottom of the screen above, and add it via the Add button at top right as before.

The image above shows the relevant screen with two files loaded, one video (ABW021017silent.mp4) and the sound track called simply videoplayback.

All that remains now is to click the Play button at bottom right and it will play immediately with sound. Or of course you can just watch the existing Youtube version and be done with it.

It works. I’ve just done it again using the instructions above. If you get stuck you can email me but I can only advise you based on what’s written above. If I’ve missed a step let me know and I’ll edit the blog.

However, to get it into a saved MP4 file as a standalone file took a bit more work. The downloaded Youtube video file called 1080p mp4 DASH video was marked at twice the true length for some reason a 20m44s instead of 10m22s and had to be fixed with VideoReDo v5 Quickstreamfix which worked, then the audio file had to be converted from Opus to something more familiar such as .wav with an online tool (there are many), then the two files had to be combined with Avidemux in Linux.

So if you’re not as determined as I was I wouldn’t bother, I would just watch the Youtube version at 1280 x 720 and be happy with it. But if you would like the HD version then the instructions above will enable you to achieve that or just download it from the link below:-

ABW Brexit

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