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If you see this and want to join us then head to Holy Trinity & St Matthias Church Tulse Hill (Herne Hill or Tulse Hill overground or Brixton tube then walk / bus) for 7.15pm

The panel for this evening’s debate is made up of the following. For their details click the photos.

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The Twitter hashtag is #HousingQT. To contact me this evening email debate@singleaspect.org.uk or Tweet @housingonfilm



As a means of justifying the Cressingham regeneration, Lambeth council continually repeats its housing crisis mantra that there are over 20,000 people waiting for council homes in Lambeth, and 1,600 in temporary accommodation. In what way does building market price housing, raising tenant rents and bills, and evicting up to 100 homeowners from their currently affordable homes, positively deal with the borough’s housing crisis? Does regeneration not just amount to state-led gentrification?

Anne Cooper

There are a lot of vulnerable people living on Lambeth’s estates. How should the potential impact of regeneration on wellbeing be measured and should the findings of any assessment determine whether or not a scheme is given the green light?

Cluster of five questions on power/accountability/transparency:

i) Pam Douglas
Residents of Conservative-controlled Westminster were recently given the opportunity to vote on whether or not the council’s proposed regeneration projects should go ahead. Do the panel think that this is the right approach?

ii) Gerlinde Gniewosz
Disturbing accounts abound of council members using questionable tactics to influence opinions and property values, in a bid to further regeneration objectives. Should there be tighter controls on council conduct?

iii) Joanne Parkes
Ward councillors have openly criticised leaseholders on Cressingham for what the councillors claim is slowing down the regeneration process. Given the cooperative aims of Lambeth council, what advice would you give to residents of other regeneration estates who wish to question the council’s arguments and evidence, or lack thereof?

iv) Ann Plant
Is there any reason to believe that the views of residents and tenants are genuinely being taken into account, or is the council using smoke and mirrors to distract us?

v) Julian Hall
In their treatment of 40-year-old housing co-op communities that saved housing stock from demolition and were populated by a significant number of OAPs and vulnerable people, Lambeth adopted a policy of eviction and displacement denying democratic recourses and scrutiny of money trails, exacerbating health problems and ignoring expert-led social housing solutions – all despite crystal clear promises from local Labour councillors to act otherwise. Why would any Lambeth resident trust the council to do what is best for their community?

Fred Milson

Sadiq Khan, Shadow minister for London and MP for Tooting, says that in the New Era situation ‘Ordinary Londoners are suffering, with their homes ripped from them and their lives and families pulled apart so that investors can make a quick buck’. How does the Cressingham situation differ from the New Era one?

Bill Perry, Lambeth Unite Community
Does the panel think that Lambeth council should be using its powers to compulsory purchase empty properties and expand council stock.

Richard Bultitude

If the financial viability analysis currently being carried out by Cressingham’s regeneration project team shows refurbishment is affordable, and that this is the best way of keeping people in their homes and a community together, should Lambeth Council pull out of demolition proposals?

Two questions on neglect:

i) Malika Belarabi
There are six void flats on Cressingham which have been empty for more than 16 years, despite being fully fixable. If the council were serious about addressing the housing shortage, why hasn’t it invested in these properties and given at least six council tenants a place to live?

ii) Mark Aitken
Lambeth has neglected Cressingham, so how is it that they will be charging me for repairs to damage they are responsible for causing?

Paul from Single Aspect Blog

Good design doesn’t date. Have you considered the disservice you will be doing to the residents of Lambeth if in the course of demolishing some or all of the low rise estates in Lambeth you rob the residents of the borough of the models of good housing design that presently exist, given that their replacements are likely to be inferior single aspect flats?




UPDATE: Audio now available Housing Debate audio Right click and Save As to download file.

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