The Architects Who Made London with Maxwell Hutchinson:

Series 1

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Inigo Jones

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This is a quick fly by of what Tom Cordell and myself saw yesterday and what we thought of the houses.

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While “housekeeping” the server space I pay for I found three audio files that don’t link to the blog. They are the result of years of being on and off Twitter. However, the stats show that people still download them, but I can’t leave them at the same link so I’m posting the new links here.

October 23, 2014, 19:00 20:15

The edited version free of extended pauses.


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He was one of four speakers and a chair, and his talk was such a good summary of what has happened to council housing under New Labour and since that I have transcribed it, with the help of YouTube (upload, wait, download captions), below:-

Okay I’m going to start somewhat differently I’m not really going to talk about the architecture I’m not going to talk about the estates, in a way the concept of a council estate is epiphenomenal to really the fundamental key aspect of what we’re dealing with. The key aspect for council housing for me is that it’s a part of the welfare state.

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Like many other London events I don’t get to, I had a ticket for this, it looked interesting, and now the Royal Academy have posted the video. So if, like me, you couldn’t get there the recording is here to watch:-

From left to right

Kate Macintosh – Architect, formerly of the London Boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth, and East Sussex and Hampshire County Councils; designer of Dawson’s Heights, East Dulwich (1964–72)

Dawson’s Heights – my walk with C20th Society

Mark Crinson – Professor of Architectural History, Birkbeck, University of London

who spent twenty minutes being rude about the Smithsons. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he doesn’t like RHG or the people who designed it. Watch the debate and decide for yourself.

The Smithsons on housing – watch the film and see what you think

The Smithsons – transcript

Owen Hopkins – Architecture Programme Curator, Royal Academy (chair)

Jessie Brennan – Artist; author of Regeneration! Conversations, Drawings, Archives & Photographs from Robin Hood Gardens (2015)

Dr Paul Watt – Reader in Urban Studies, Birkbeck, University of London

An excellent history of council estates from right to buy to the present day

Judicial review report here:-

Judicial Review 2, part one

“The problem isn’t that half the country are racists, it’s that the racists now think that half the country agrees with them.” – Anon

Thank you. I am a journalist I also write a column for The Guardian once every two weeks I haven’t really got enough to say to write one once a week.

But I’m not a columnist I think we’ve probably got too many columnists in this country and we’ve not got enough journalists.


We certainly haven’t got enough reporters. [pause] That’s what I do.

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Kate Macintosh talking to Rowan Moore

That’s Dawsons Heights above them on the screen. The event held at the offices of Karakusevic Carson Architects in the old Peek Freans biscuit factory in Bermondsey was well attended by a majority female audience and largely consisted of Kate talking about her career and her work in an entertaining manner.

Kate is a hero to lots of women architects and planners for breaking down gender barriers in the profession. Apart from her architecture, she set up the women architects group at RIBA – so her political work on gender in the profession was really significant. – Tom Cordell

Download the audio from the link below:-!AiY79RxZ46DM3Vg0o8uG71mKS-Wc

The talk begins at about eleven minutes in.

A transcription of the talk is available here:-

Kate Macintosh in conversation with Rowan Moore transcript

Whether or not it was carried out with the aid of my recording remains to be seen. I wasn’t aware of any other recording going on on the night.