Sutton Estate dual aspect

October 26th, 2018

Near the Stags Head I met a man who had moved to London in the early 1970s, having worked as a domestic appliance service engineer in and around the old Byker and got to know it all intimately.

Then he returned to find only the Stags Head and the church down the road standing, he was on his way to the pub with a friend when I ran into him.

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This is not an article, I don’t have time to write one. I enjoyed my walk around Heaton and above is the planning map of C19th housing, much of which I saw.

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Further to Grenfell – Guardian

November 10th, 2017

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For clarity I am not opposing the views of the London Fire Brigade that sprinklers save lives, and indeed I would not dream of disagreeing with that simple fact, but in this specific case of concrete high rise tower blocks built to contain a fire inside one flat then sprinklers are not required in my opinion. Once the occupants are outside the flat and have closed the front door the fire will be contained.


For safety in a tower block circulate hot water from a ground floor boiler room – not gas to individual boilers.

2017:09:29 16:22:44

It was a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon in Peterlee and as I was taking photographs of the pavilion against the sun a teenaged girl walked past me on the footpath, underneath the pavilion, and up a staircase I had barely registered on the far side.

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@SpeyeJoe has been writing about social housing for a long time and in vivid terms with figures to back up his assertions. Today is no exception and if you haven’t heard of him now is the time to start. 

Affordable housing? Oh no its not! End of social housing too! We need to talk ..

In his latest article he writes about the end of social rents across the country as housing associations abandon rents based on income for an “affordable” model which isn’t.

I’ve added his blog link to my “blog roll” in the right hand column as Joe Halewood.

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In the photograph above pictured with John Healey MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP is Cllr Matthew Bennett Housing Management Board Officers (Chair). The last being one of the people responsible for deciding that Cressingham Gardens must be demolished in favour of higher density housing or in my words to build expensive flats next to a park.

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Sceaux Gardens Camberwell

The pdfs






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Far from being subsidised by the state, the rents on most post-war estates paid off the cost of their construction and debt interest years ago, and are in fact making a profit for councils and housing associations. It is the Right to Buy council homes, the Help to Buy affordable housing, the housing benefit paid to private landlords, …


Read the whole thing, all the ten points. I know ASH have made enemies but they mostly get it right and I respect their intentions. The Guardian not publishing the ten points says more about the Guardian’s rightward drift than it does about ASH.