2017:09:29 16:22:44

It was a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon in Peterlee and as I was taking photographs of the pavilion against the sun a teenaged girl walked past me on the footpath, underneath the pavilion, and up a staircase I had barely registered on the far side.

2017:09:29 16:18:40

Wondering what was up there I followed. She was singing quietly and I didn’t want to disturb her but I wanted to take photographs. She stopped singing when she noticed me and I said

“Hello, do you mind if I stand where you are?”


2017:09:29 16:24:11

I took some photographs.

“Whey are you taking pictures?”

“Because it’s famous, It appears in architecture journals.”

2017:09:29 16:21:07

“Are you an architect?”

“No. My Father was.”

2017:09:29 16:24:24

“Do you live on this estate?”

“No, over there” (pointing).

2017:09:29 16:25:30

“Why do you come here?” I asked.

“Because it’s quiet.”

“Does it get vandalised?” (there was graffiti)

“Yes but it gets cleaned” she replied pointing to some faded lettering.

2017:09:29 16:26:18

“Thank you” I said, and left.

I left her in peace feeling slightly guilty for disturbing her singing, it was clearly a hallowed place.

Getting there

It’s not easy to find especially since a sign is missing from the Oaklands t-junction. Here are the coordinates.

54° 44.994’N  1° 20.733’W

Small scale aerial view

Large scale aerial view

Further reading

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