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A clip I found by accident while changing channels on the TV one morning. A quick precis of 1950s architecture.

“Certainly for me understanding more about the history behind this architecture has given me a deeper appreciation and respect for their vision of a brighter tomorrow” – Jasmine Harman

Pullman Court Streatham

September 19th, 2011

Sunday afternoon, the 159 from Brixton tube station and a 15 minute bus ride takes you to the bus garage beside which stands Pullman Court.

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Highpoint 1 Highgate

August 20th, 2011

During a week in London while looking at Lubetkin’s buildings this one came round on a rather soggy Saturday afternoon, the large ribbon windows proving a delight in the face of modern housing design that prefers to keeps its owners in the dark.

From Here to Modernity – Part One

More photos at my Flickr page:-

Modern Architecture has photos and floor plans here:-

Architects Journal Buildings Library

Thought for the day – Regeneration is social cleansing

In my continuing quest for béton brut (raw concrete) I wandered along to what’s left of the Heygate to snatch a few shots.

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Dawson Heights panorama

October 6th, 2010

While at Dawson Heights back in the summer I took a series of photographs of the London skyline which were then stitched together with the free software that Canon provide with the Ixus 95.  The two links are below:-

Download panorama small 2.72Mb

Download panorama large 10.16Mb

Sorry they’re not that sharp.  I have since discovered that the DSLR is a vastly different beast to the compact digital camera and that exercise above needs repeating with a decent camera, on a tripod.  If you beat me to it please get in touch with a link to your panorama and I’ll post it here.

If you doubt the difference between a compact digital camera and a DSLR then look at the photograph above.  I took the lower one with my Canon Ixus 95 and a friend took the upper one with her DSLR in bright sunlight.  Even allowing for the difference in illumination (hers was better lit), that does not account for the lack of clarity in mine.

Now imagine what a Dawson Heights panorama would look like taken with a DSLR, and how big the resulting file would be.

You may wish to read my article about the development here

Alexandra Road Camden

August 27th, 2010

UPDATE: Film of the estate at 8:00 Architecture_at_the_Crossroads

Made famous by The Bill on location, designed by Neave Brown under Sydney Cook as part of Cook’s Camden, and well known as one of a series of Modernist housing estates across London, Alexandra Road stands as a landmark both literally and metaphorically in the history of post war housing.

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The comments below do not reflect the views of the C20th Society.

Here are a few photographs from our trip yesterday to the Museum of London new galleries.  I hope they are sufficient to whet your appetite to go yourself.

New café downstairs at the Museum of London

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Summary: Do I like the flats? No.  Would I live there? No.  Why not?  It’s the general flimsiness of the thing as if it’s been built like an aircraft for a safety factor of 120%, i.e. just strong enough for the job but with very little redundant support.

Go and see for yourself and then write to me and let me know what you think. It’s just my opinion.

‘DKH’ is a new build, private housing development with 19 apartments creating a beacon housing scheme utilising timber louvres, mesh panelling and stone gabions, RIBA Award Winner 2008, John Smart Architects 2007.

From Open House Brochure 2009 p.54 Southwark

SSE elevation from Dog Kennel Hill

All fur coat . . . . .

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What follows are my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of the C20th society

Dawson Heights. Architect Kate Macintosh here seen revisiting the building she designed in the 1960s.

Great lady, great building,  . . . today the C20th Society went on a tour of buildings in South London culminating with Dawson Heights

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Grahame Park Hendon

October 17th, 2009

A pleasant afternoon spent walking around an estate in North West London with the C20th Society, not far from the RAF Museum and the Met Police training centre.  An estate due to be largely (75%) demolished and rebuilt owing to problems of anti social behaviour.

We were shown the plans on an exhibition board in the library foyer.

Photos on Flickr

Plans here