UPDATE: July 15th 2017 If you’d like to improve this file and you also use a Garmin then download Garmin Express for updates and BaseCamp for locations. It’s possible to hand edit all the OHL locations on the BaseCamp map and copy them to your Garmin.

UPDATE: May 3rd 2017 This is way out of date, at the time I was walking round London with a Satnav in my pocket and it was useful. Now most people have a Smartphone with a navigation app on and I haven’t updated this file since 2012 so I’ll leave it here for historical purposes only.

For the POI file we need four columns  long | lat | name | description

With the help of Adrian Short I’ve created a new file for 2012 which you can download from the link below:-


I’ve tested it on my Garmin Nuvi 250W and it works fine.

If you want to improve it, and know the exact locations of the buildings listed, then you can use the online POI editor at http://garmin.gps-data-team.com/extra/ and reset the inaccurate locations. On saving the file, columns C and D will be merged and must be separated before reloading it to the satnav.

Wetherspoon used to have TomTom and Garmin POI files on their website but the link has disappeared. Probably because the majority of you have a smartphone now and use the OHL application.

World’s End Chelsea

September 19th, 2011

Great estate, love the burnt umber bricks, so much better to look at than raw concrete.  Lovely use of communal garden space within the courtyard level above the car park at 1st floor level.  Have some doubts about the – bordering on – single aspect tower block flats,but they have at least been designed so that every flat has a SW facing window even if it’s only one, and they are popular.

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Pullman Court Streatham

September 19th, 2011

Sunday afternoon, the 159 from Brixton tube station and a 15 minute bus ride takes you to the bus garage beside which stands Pullman Court.

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Brentford walk(ing) in the rain

September 19th, 2011

Some years ago one lunchtime, while working in a building near Kew Bridge [*], I took a walk along the high road to Brentford and unexpectedly came across some attractive old houses – in disbelief – because they didn’t quite match the somewhat industrial and commercial appearance of the High St.

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Alexandra Road – interior

September 19th, 2011

UPDATE 19th March 2018: How I wish I had taken those photographs from 5’6″ and not 6′. Here’s a tip, if you’re photographing interiors and you’re tall, lower the camera.

The owner kindly opened her original and attractive dual aspect flat to the public for a day.  Beautiful and well appointed 1970s flat flooded with light, lots of wood on display, large windows, intelligent use of sliding screens to separate kitchen / diner from living room (architect Neave Brown).

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Highpoint 1 Highgate

August 20th, 2011

During a week in London while looking at Lubetkin’s buildings this one came round on a rather soggy Saturday afternoon, the large ribbon windows proving a delight in the face of modern housing design that prefers to keeps its owners in the dark.

From Here to Modernity – Part One

More photos at my Flickr page:-


Modern Architecture has photos and floor plans here:-


Architects Journal Buildings Library


UPDATE: 17th August 2015 – Guardian -> No change then

Some respectable architecture aside, it is a shaming place.

Following the arrival of my London Open House brochure I sauntered off to Barking along the District line to Barking station and took the 387 out to Barking Riverside.  (Actually I decided to walk and got lost but that’s another story).  If you know what you’re doing you can walk out of Barking Station, cross the road to stand H and get on the 387, Oyster card in hand.

Click image for full bus map

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Stonebridge Estate

September 14th, 2010

In the week before this year’s Open House weekend I toured London at some pace with the 2010 brochure in my bag,  and this was one of the visits I made – Stonebridge Estate and Fawood Childrens’ Centre.

Stonebridge Hillside Hub

Photos from September 2010


Story of estate leading up to the regeneration


Alexandra Road Camden

August 27th, 2010

UPDATE: Film of the estate at 8:00 Architecture_at_the_Crossroads

Made famous by The Bill on location, designed by Neave Brown under Sydney Cook as part of Cook’s Camden, and well known as one of a series of Modernist housing estates across London, Alexandra Road stands as a landmark both literally and metaphorically in the history of post war housing.

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