A BBC documentary series in three parts last shown in March 2013 tells the story of how the National Trust and English Heritage came about featuring well known figures such as Simon Thurley (EH), Simon Jenkins (NT), Gavin Stamp, Dan Cruikshank, Candida Lycett Green, and other well known figures shown in documentary footage such as Sir John Betjeman and Nikolaus Pevsner.

It is a fascinating series of which part three is to me the most interesting covering the post-war period and ending with the story of the Euston Arch.

Part One on YouTube

Part Two on YouTube

Part Three on YouTube


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    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that you’ve officially made it in life. I’m a 3rd year architecture student studying at UEL and for my history and theory module, I’m looking at mass housing. My tutor told me to look at your blog “Single Aspect Blog” and she’s previously mentioned you in a seminar earlier on in the year too. I think what you do is great! You post some very relevant info on here and a lot of the things I’m looking at cross over with your own research. Keep up the good work!

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