The original intention – click image for full picture

To date I have walked Elswick, Jesmond, Heaton and Byker from the above and in addition Hebburn, Tynemouth, and North Shields from the larger image (click above).

It remains my intention to walk all the areas in blue excluding the city centre. The idea is to get a view of the city as a whole and not just Grainger Town and the bridges.

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When we left the last post we had downloaded an .mp4 file from the Guardian website using View Source (Ctrl+u) to find the link and right-click Save Link As to get the file and Videolan VLC to watch it.

Now we’re going to get the HD version of the same film using the .m3u8 link and VLC.

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If you read the Guardian on-line and occasionally watch their excellent videos you may perhaps have wondered if there’s a way to a) keep them and b) see them at a higher resolution.

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June 24th, 2017

Yesterday (23rd June) the page on scissor maisonettes overtook Crap Flats for the first time ever. I can only account for this by the interest in Grenfell Tower (which are not scissor maisonettes, it’s a point block) which has pushed several posts up the table in the last week.

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Sceaux Gardens Camberwell

The pdfs






Sceaux6.pdf – rotate







Sceaux missing.pdf

Following the “debate” last night which, incidentally, I think Jeremy Corbyn won hands down,

I found this. It makes chilling watching. I recommend you watch it and make up your own mind.

July 19th 1955 – December 15th 1976

I was her neighbour and attended the cremation.  I would like to be reminded of her appearance.  If you have a  photograph please get in touch via the Author page.

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HT @PaulWellman_EG via @michaellondonsf

Since I found out about this the other day and this happened in Islington, I’ve been wondering, how would it be if you’re asleep in your bed fifty feet underground and a water main bursts in the street above? The former car park basement would fill with water, there would be no warning other than the occupants getting wet and then drowning. The basement would have no bilge pumps to clear the water.

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“I think a decision like this lets down the whole of the West End. We are supposed to be a world-class city, which means showing the lead to others.” She added that visitors would be treated, “like a bunch of troglodytes in an underground cave”.

This is a joke right? I’ve parked in that car park, way underground back in the 1970s. Not in a million years would I have imagined somebody planning to park people underground and make them pay for the privilege. Is it April 1st yet?

An underground hotel for Bloomsbury

Slum clearances without the Socialism” – Owen Hatherley


I was reading the Guardian online today. This to be specific. Building affordable homes for rent is more vital than new roads then in the comments I found this . . .

Myra Fuller Dikericay

If you look at towns such as Burnley and Blackburn, the infrastructure is already there. 1,000s of two up/two downs have been bulldozed in recent years; some have been replaced by new housing however roads bounded by knee rails are all that’s left of others.

. . . and opened Google Earth. I found nothing in Burnley but then in Blackburn, this.

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