IKEA MetroCentre Gateshead has two dwelling layouts the first 25m2 the second 35m2 of which the latter looks bearable habitable space for a single adult. This is the 25m2.

Let’s deal with the inadequate dwelling first. Bear in mind that both dwellings are over furnished because they are laid out in a shop. At least this one (25m2) has the plumbing in one duct i.e. kitchen and bathroom adjacent, not the plumber’s nightmare of the 35m2 which has them on opposite sides of the dwelling.

They look even smaller being cluttered and that has to be borne in mind but nevertheless the 35m2 is adequate for one person.

This cramped 25m2 space would be suitable for month or two for a youngster forced too early from home to fend for themselves but I suspect even they would begin to rebel within weeks and look for something larger.

The fact that in order to make it habitable the bed has to be above the sofa speaks volumes to me. This isn’t a teenagers bedroom it’s a young adult’s residence.

I liked the galley kitchen above from the beginning, even though it’s in the smaller of the two layouts. I think it would fit perfectly well in the 35sqm layout despite the lack of natural light, providing good extraction was present although I would prefer a kitchen with a window.

This is the 35m2 flat and 6m2 above the Parker Morris recommendation for one person of over 50 years ago. We all have more stuff now so obviously an increase was required.

My objection to the above layout is not one of space but plumbing. You wouldn’t put the kitchen and bathroom so far apart it’s a waste of pipework, you’d have them preferably adjacent for water and drainage.

Over furnished but it’s in a shop.

Refurnish and gain some space.

Adequate dining and lounge space for one plus the occasional visitor.

Kitchen’s fine.

And so to bed …

The bedroom is fine if cluttered but that can be dealt with.

The far side opening would house the bedroom window in reality.

There is room allowed for an outside terrace too although whether this was within the 35m2 or without I was not sure. Worth a look if you’re ever up there or if this has been repeated in other IKEA stores.

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