The benighted dwellings 910 and 1008 will receive their only sunlight for a few minutes a day to the bedroom – providing the sky is not overcast


The other day I received an email. Here’s a paragraph from it.

“Thank you for your enquiry with regards to a new development in Manchester called One Regent provided by Fulcrum. It would be good to have a chat at some point to understand your requirements for investment as there is a lot of stock we can provide direct from the developer with no fees attached.”

I get a fair number of these. I think it’s because I flirted with Aspen Woolf at one stage in order to learn more about investing in student accommodation and ended up on a mailing list. I don’t have any money to invest but I get to look at the floor plans which is always enlightening but rarely in a good way.

One Regent Place is no exception. The image above is taken from the brochure. Far be it from me to deny you the opportunity so here it is linked here.

When you get as far as the ninth floor you will find the subject image. Click on the one above for a larger version. I sent my objection off to a fellow blogger and he noticed something else – this light starved dwelling “clumsily placed in the inside corner of the block. The living room looks like it has only a sliver of light.”

My initial objection was different but equally alarming.


The floor plan above shows two different types of apartment. On the left hand side Type 2D numbers 906 and 907 are single aspect flats [pause to check Google Earth, plot location and orientation,  53° 28.502’N   2° 15.763’W].

Let’s rotate the floor plan North up.


907 NorthWest outlook – 906 SouthEast outlook

Two single aspect flats, nothing unusual about that you might be thinking but look again. The architect has two means of access to 906 & 907 and 905 / 908 which are incidentally the lower floors of two single aspect duplexes or maisonettes.

I contend that there is no need to make the flats or the duplexes single aspect. Each core serves two dwellings. The architect might instead have provided four dual aspect flats without losing any money because dual aspect flats are worth more.

Let’s return for a moment to that compromised corner dwelling …


See 910 top right

… which gets its only sunlight from the South West. On a sunny day there will be a very brief period of only minutes when sunlight will directly enter the dwelling and then only through the bedroom window via the balcony.


I took a quick look at sunlight for midwinter and it appears the South wing of the block has been either deliberately or coincidentally laid out with the midwinter sunlight azimuth in mind.


Click image for larger version

The benighted dwellings 910 and 1008 will receive their only sunlight for a few minutes a day via the balcony to the bedroom and then providing the sky is not overcast. Where do I sign?

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