Do I need to spell out what’s wrong with this flat?

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The front door leads into the side of a corridor such that moving furniture in and out is likely to be problematic owing to the need to immediately turn a right angle not to mention the adjacent wall which will make turning long furniture difficult. The doors on the two ensuite bathrooms and the additional toilet, all open outwards because the rooms are so small. The toilet door will foul the corridor when open.  None of the doors open so as to preserve the privacy of a room.

Dormer vs. Velux

Bedroom 2 doesn’t have proper windows, it’s got Velux instead so there’s no direct view out.  This might be acceptable in a house as a loft conversion where there are existing bedrooms with conventional windows but not (to me) in one of the two main bedrooms.  These do not enable a direct view out of the property but only a distant view and that of the sky. They will be noisy when it rains or hails and allow direct sunlight to heat the room in a way that a dormer would not.

Storage space

Storage space is non-existent.  The sloping walls make it difficult to place wardrobes and bookcases against external walls thus further reducing storage.

Kitchen – there isn’t one

There is no separate kitchen.  What serves as a kitchen is a few units in the corner of the living room with no view out for the person cooking or preparing food. Why is the kitchen not a separate room and why given that it’s been stuck in the living room like an unwanted appendage, does it have no view?

Bathrooms and toilets

Why do a couple and their one or two children need three toilets? Why is there a bathroom for every occupant, and then some.

Is this good design?  I don’t think so.  Where are they?  “Southminster”, Cook’s Shipyard, Wivenhoe, Essex.

How do crap flats win awards?  I suspect the award is for the block layout rather than the detailed flat design.

“the best researched” designs one planning commitee member had ever seen

This lot can’t even bring themselves to call a toilet a toilet.  Apparently it’s a “guest cloakroom”.

“Just one of the new homes available now is the superb two-bedroom ‘Southminster’ apartment, priced from just £249,995, which is characterised by a magnificent open-plan kitchen/lounge/dining room leading to a private balcony with stunning views over the water.

Both bedrooms boast en-suite shower rooms and the property also benefits from a handy guest cloakroom off the entrance hallway.”


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