Woods House correspondent?

February 28th, 2012

From time to time I get comments posted to the blog from somebody calling themselves Grosvernor Waterside resident of which this is the latest, below.  I’m not allowing it into the normal comments space because I disagree with a lot of it, in fact some of it is simply untrue.

Not really, its a really nice area to live in, the nearest station is [S]loan[e] square. Quite nice. The concie[r]ge offers taxi service, drying cleaning. There is also a spa downstairs. You can also make use of the nice balcony. The noise from the railways, you cannot rea[l]ly hear it and it has a nice soft noise. For living in SW1, prime location, [W]oods house is quite cool, considering if you look at other places. Its a new development, so everything you get is brand new. christineli2007@googlemail.com

I’ve exchanged sixteen emails with her now and it would appear the comment above is based on living on the quiet side of Woods House.  Woods House does not have balconies because Acton Housing Association forbade the building of them in the specification.

None of the affordable housing has private amenity space (balcony, terrace nor garden) including the three bedroom family size units on the ground floor of the eastern block.  SJH (St James Homes) claim that the affordable housing has been designed to meet Acton Housing Association’s design standards and that the housing association do not favour balconies as these can be used for unsightly storage.  Some of the private housing units in the western block have small recessed terrace areas.  Furthermore, there is to be no access for residents on to the landscaped roof area between the two blocks.  Committee’s views are therefore sought on whether, given the lack of private amenity space for individual flats, there should be access in to the landscaped roof garden for residents of the building.

Taken from P.61-2 of the SUB COMMITTEE REPORT from 04/07636/FULL


The railway screeches, it is not a “nice soft noise” I have heard it myself, from one of the adjacent flats.  Yes it is a nice area to live in, yes the nearest tube is Sloane Square, but WH doesn’t have a concierge.  Certainly when I visited during the day last year there was not one on duty.

It is quite dreadful and buffers Bramah from the noise of the railway. The flats are single aspect, overheated, and poorly ventilated. I don’t know what “nice balcony” she is talking about since the flats don’t have balconies (apart apparently from the 1st floor) and there is restricted access to the 1st floor podium with seating areas which was built for Bramah, not Woods House.  Although there is a door to it from WH I’m not sure the residents are allowed to use it.

If I get a second visit to WH I promise to relay the results here, objectively. In the meantime, Woods House is poor quality housing in a poor location, in my opinion.

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