St Paul’s Cathedral sightlines

February 25th, 2012

29/11/16 – This article is rather out of date. If the sightlines are important to you please keep an eye on this webpage:-

London View Management Framework

UPDATE: 25/11/16 – and another one Manhattan Lofts Stratford

If the following is the result of the present building restrictions supposedly preventing visual clutter obscuring or degrading the views of St Paul’s Cathedral from well known landmarks around London then why bother? They have clearly been watered down to the point of no return. I thought they were intended to PROTECT the views of St Pauls from a set of established points around London including Primrose Hill.  Who is responsible for this change?  Ken or Boris?  How is this protecting the view of St Pauls from Parliament Hill?  I am horrified.

The best exposition I have seen on TV about the St Pauls sightlines has been from Andrew Marr in his series Britain from Above when he devoted a whole section of the programme to the Abercrombie plan for London and to the subject of sightlines.

In London we have the St Paul’s viewing corridors amply illustrated in this pdf below:-

Click image above for full page

The document in full may be downloaded from >here<

The protection of the sightlines to St Pauls from different parts of London are a wonderful thing but the truth is that as the city rises around it, it is necessarily diminished in scale.

There are a series of  documents published by the GLA pertaining to the sightlines to St Pauls here:-

and furthermore an earlier version of the above that I have on the server here:-

London View Management Framework

See also Dublin and St Pauls Cathedral

UPDATE 23/11/13: Yesterday I found the following images on the GLA website:-

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