Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council today welcomes the return of Right to Buy, but says that local authorities should have the freedom to be able to retain all of the proceeds from the scheme so that they can build more affordable homes.


Next week on the evening of November 30th there will be a planning meeting http://www.saveourskyline.co.uk/index.php for a scheme that will include NO affordable homes.

The results of the appraisal indicate that the scheme does not generate the usual developer’s return of 20% on cost, with the scheme achieving a substantially lower return. Therefore, the financial appraisal demonstrates that it is not viable to provide affordable housing in  addition to all the other planning benefits that would be delivered with the application  proposal.



Read this from Andy Slaughter MP writing about White City.

White City Whitewash April 20th 2011

“Not one new affordable home must be built.”

The council wants over a thousand of the new homes to be council homes at low rents. No, this is not some dramatic u-turn by the most anti-affordable home council in the country. The condition is that they are all taken by residents of White City, Wood Lane and Batman Close Estates to the west of Wood Lane. Not one new affordable home must be built.



Far from building them they’re selling them off, read this:-

“H&F Council selling a ground floor flat in Shepherd’s Bush for £180,000 – who then insist that the buyer cannot actually live there themselves. They will only agree to sell an H&F home to someone who is either going to sell it on done-up, rent it out, or just flog it on as it is.”



Why don’t they keep it and let it out at social rent to a family?

On [Thursday] July 9th 2009 Paul Waugh of the London Evening Standard published an article on the planned demolition of all the council estates in Hammersmith and Fulham. I read this while returning home having been to a political meeting at the Methodist Hall in Westminster, and on arriving home got straight on the computer to find out more about it. I quickly discovered that there was already a blog for Queen Caroline and later on found out about the Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke and Greenwich.



This from Andy Slaughter dated July 20th 2009

Not Decent: my response to H&F’s local development framework consultation

It is a proposal to change radically the social make up of the area by enforced demolition of thousands of local homes.  It seeks party political advantage from the dispersal of communities it believes are politically not aligned with the ruling Conservative administration.  It seeks to act as a practical example of future Conservative housing policy as proposed by the leader of the council in his recent pamphlet Principles of Social Housing Reform.



This is the borough that welcomes the return of right to buy so that it can build affordable housing.  Do you believe it?  I don’t.

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