Branch Hill Hampstead

August 20th, 2011

Built on a slope in the grounds of a large house, Branch Hill is Maiden Lane in miniature, albeit less tatty and with wealthier residents.  Both “by the great Scottish Corbusian architects Benson and Forsyth” – Douglas Murphy

I couldn’t help being reminded of my own past where a college was built on a sloping site in the 1970s in the grounds of a stately home.  It must have been the pattern of the time, to make the best use of available land.

In both cases the original house has been retained and improved. In the case of Branch Hill, the original house was given a modern extension and turned into a care home, with housing being built further down the slope, at the foot of which lies a large family house.

Photos on Flickr via link below:-

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Old link

Here’s another take on it from the wonderful Modern Architecture:-

Here’s Douglas Murphy taking a long leisurely look at the same estate:-

Modernism in Metroland

Lastly Muncipal Dreams on the same subject:-

The Branch Hill Estate Camden. The most expensive council housing in the world

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