UPDATE: 14/2/14 They are badly built and leaking Wornington green badlands regen of


Wornington Green redevelopment designed by architects PRP features(?) this attractive and delightful upended shoebox mews house as part of its layout.   I’ve only just begun looking at the drawings here, but clearly there is considerable food for thought.

Shoebox living

“The mews houses in the new Munro Mews have a bizarre non-family-friendly interior design with no redeeming features, and are single aspect, more or less ‘back to backs’. Who will spend £1m on these miserable pokey houselets?” – Cllr Emma Dent Coad

Why are mews houses still being designed and built in the C21st?  They are an outmoded typology.  A throwback to the C19th and early C20th.  Cramped, hunched, inadequate, unventilated, poorly lit, pathetic excuses for housing our population.  Where is the legislation that will ban these wretched things?

“Phase 1 proposed mews houses in Munro Mews are very small and cramped, with a huge space dedicated to an integral garage. The ground floor has a small room supposedly a ‘study’, though I cannot imagine a family dedicating an entire room in a small house to this use. The main family space is on the second floor, implying that all the supplies must be hauled up two floors, and residents must run up and down two flights of stairs to answer the door and dispose of waste, for which there are no facilities outside. There is just one bathroom and the only outside space is a tiny balcony; there are no windows whatever to the rear of the building. As there is no footpath and the front door gives directly onto the road, I cannot imagine these being desirable family homes.  Block 1 to the rear of this has a very narrow communal ‘court’ that will get no or little sunlight, so a waste of space, and only the bedrooms face south, a truly bizarre arrangement. The risk here is that buildings in the first phase of a huge and long-term development will quite simply not sell.” . . read on [where’s the defensible space? – Ed]


What is worse is that on the masterplan for WG there is no need to build them at all.  They occupy space that may otherwise form gardens or flowerbeds for the block behind.  They hinder the view from the lower floors of the block.  They have little or no rearward view themselves being essentially single aspect.

Award winning new homes just 10 minutes Notting Hill if you want one.  More fool you, more money than sense, it’s truly dreadful housing.

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