Public Works Loan Board – notes

November 23rd, 2016


Start here -> The_UK_Public_Works_Loans_Board.pdf

As Phillip Hammond outlines his Autumn statement in the HofC with some news on housing I continue to worry about how we (England) can dig ourselves out of the housing mess we’re in with a lack of housing for rent most people can afford. Some years ago I read about the PWLB which seemed to be a wonderful thing and I have thought ever since that this may be the answer if councils ever go back to building housing for rent on a large scale.

Unfortunately comes news that the PWLB is to be abolished and incorporated into the Treasury, further limiting the ability of councils to borrow cheaply.

Then this -> Analysis-claims-labour-councils-secure-worse-pwlb-rates

From -> Local Government Debt Report.pdf

From -> Debt Resistance UK

Now this -> PWLB be scrapped government confirms 15th November 2016

Some history here -> Public_works_loan_board_1817-76.pdf

The current situation here:-

Local Authority borrowing

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