Economics for the election

April 15th, 2015

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If your head swims every time the word deficit or debt is mentioned you may like to follow Another Angry Voice and Ha-Joon Chang, the Cambridge economist who is able to put complex economic matters over in terms the layman like me can understand.

AAV himself follows Ha-Joon Chang among other economists and between them they manage to put the subject across in terms that make it understandable.

Ha-Joon Chang is interviewed in the two part BBC television series The Super Rich and Us 1 and The Super Rich and Us 2.

The bottom line seems to be that the Coalition have doubled the debt, done nothing but lie about it while implementing what they call austerity which is in fact a thinly veiled attack on the rest of us who aren’t rich, as they undermine and attack our public services by reducing funding to local councils in a partisan manner.

The late Stuart Hall warned of this in an article I reviewed by saying:-

Amenities like libraries, parks, swimming baths, sports facilities, youth clubs, community centres will either be privatised or disappear.

The Neo-liberal revolution

Lastly this from the Spectator:-

The Tories have piled on more debt than Labour

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