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Tax the rich: an animated fairy tale

A while back when I was still on Twitter (yes I know) I came across this animated video about unrestrained neo-liberalism.  Despite retweeting it at the time it didn’t take off. I was surprised because to me it is an accurate graphic representation of what is and has been happening to our society in the UK since 1979.

It ties in with an analysis I did a while back of a Stuart Hall paper where he examines what will happen if neo-liberalism is allowed to continue to dictate policy in public life.

The municipal world I grew up with is being dismantled and not just owing to the inevitable technological changes, that one can live with, growth in car ownership, inevitable. Loss of local police stations in favour of large isolated control centres in the suburbs less so, sale of town halls in some cases for shiny and expensive new buildings nearby, why? Loss of public libraries, because people don’t read any more? No, because they are a soft target for cuts made by Government to local authorities.

Anna Minton made a good point in her Radio 4 talk . . .

“Efficiency drives have witnessed the end of the benign authority figures that I grew up with, the caretakers, bus conductors and park keepers, replaced instead by uniformed guards with the power to issue fines and sanctions.”

. . . about the loss of familiar figures of authority who acted as the guardians of a well regulated society.

This animation explains it all, perhaps not point by point for the UK but close enough to worry about what a further five years of Tory “austerity” would bring.

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