This is not intended to be an article, just as a series of links about an interesting architect.

“The production of high-rise council flats was at its height in the 1960s when AW Cleeve Barr, who has died at the age of 89, rose to be the most powerful housing architect in British government service.

As such he fought, but failed, to control the proliferation of contractor-led housing systems, and his reputation was tarnished by public reaction after the collapse in 1968 of Ronan Point. A technocrat with an instinct for social justice and a streak of obstinacy, he had enthusiasms that belied his puritan convictions.”

His obituary is here AW Cleeve Barr

He wrote Public Authority Housing which is on my bookshelf unread, still available 2nd hand, and was a fan of industrialised building methods.

Elain Harwood on the LCC or here:-

London county council architects

Review of a speech Cleeve Barr gave to the RIBA in 1962.

Cleeve Barr appears at 33:05 in this film, being given a hard time it’s true, about system building Great British Housing Disaster

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