Sunlight study – Vue2

September 25th, 2009

I did some examples on Vue2 in Bletchley MK. Pictures linked from the table below:-

From August 17th 2008 until April 20th 2009 the sun never rose within sight of Vue2 NNW facing flats.

Where does the sun rise between those dates?  Let’s take halfway, say 136 days from 17/8/08 to New Year then 109 days from New Year to April 20th.  136+109 =   245.  Half that is 122.5.  136 – 122 = 14 so 14 days before the end of 2008 is our halfway point. This is about 17/12/2008, showing the sun rising to the South-East nowhere near the NNW facing flats.

The picture is taken at noon showing the arc of the sun sweeping South from sunrise SE to SW on setting at this time of year.

For only 365-245=120 days does the sun rise within sight of the NNW facing flats, and then only remaining visible for a short time

On Midsummers day the NNW facing flats would get just two hours of sunlight 0440-0640 from the East at a time when many people will be asleep, but that afternoon they will get five hours of sunlight from 16:23 to sunset at 21:29.

On 11-11-2009 the sun sets along the alignment of Vue2 and for two months it is not to be seen from the west, until 11-1-2010.

17/08/2008 17/12/2008 20/04/2009 11/11/2009 11/01/2010 21/06/2010

Click individual photos above for larger versions

Here’s the sun calculator, you drag the pointer around then zoom in to your house and change the date to winter or summer.

This is the old one which no longer works

If you use it please be aware of the following to get the best out of it.

01) Open it up
02) Type in the name of a town and click the Go button
03) Zoom in with the vertical slider on the left or click the + button repeatedly.
04) Drag the red pointer to your street (note in Firefox the map started scrolling on its own so I switched browsers)
05) Drag the map across and drag the point separately to get the black X on your window
06) Switch from terrain to satellite (Map | Satellite | Terrain) to get a better view, zoom again and drag the pointer again
07) Once you’ve settled on the location click the calendar, set a date and tick the Daylight saving box if it’s the summer
08) Click calculate
09) At the point the map will probably switch to “We’re sorry etc . . . ” click the satellite button and you’ll have your picture back
10) Look at the sun position and sunrise and sunset positions for the date you chose


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