Holy Trinity Church Hardel Walk
The Big Dig

The spire of Holy Trinity Church seen from Cressingham Gardens.  Split level houses on Hardel Walk. Wild flowers growing adjacent to Brockwell Park on the site of The Big Dig, a London wide project for enthusiastic urban gardeners.

Please sign both petitions:- Save Cressingham Gardens and Save Cressingham Gardens Estate – Thank You!

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The issue of estate regeneration has not gone away, it continues apace and it has been my privilege over the last few years to meet people actively involved in the struggle to keep council tenants in place against the rapacious demands of unscrupulous politicians and boroughs so desperate for cash they sell public land from under the homes of council tenants for the benefit of wealthier incomers.


In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting the residents of and walking around a small estate in South London which is itself now under threat but not withstanding this there is a determined and well informed body of people ready and willing to protect their interests.

It has been a pleasure to devote time and energy to researching and writing up the story of Cressingham Gardens – a village within a city and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading what is my 300th article in four years.

A considered look at artistic composition.

a) a winding path, brook, river or canal which leads the eye into the distance.

Stonebridge Park estate

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UPDATE: For audio click photos:-

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As Britain’s population continues to soar, with latest figures predicting a rise to 70 million of us by 2027, the pressure on housing becomes ever greater.

According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Britain is at risk of being short of one million homes by 2022, leaving architects and builders no choice but to build smaller homes, or for current home owners to convert their larger bedrooms into two smaller living spaces.

This is a desperate case for some, especially those who are already suffering the ill effects of single aspect flats, such as lack of natural light on one side of the house. For many, however, it is a necessity.

Britain versus Europe


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UPDATE: Audio -> London Forum talk – main speaker John Allen

Planning chaos, the housing crisis and mayor’s new policies

Friday 11 April 2014

Time: 6pm for 6:30pm

Planning chaos, the housing crisis and mayor’s new policies
The open meeting will cover the shortage of London homes and the failure of the mayor’s altered London Plan (FALP) to deal with it. The event will cover also the Government’s withdrawal of Localism, interference in planning decisions and increased permitted development rights which are all wrong for London and harming its economy.
Venue: The Gallery
Location: 75 Cowcross Street EC1M 6EJ near to Farringdon station

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This meeting took place at City Hall last Monday 31st March from 1830 – 2000 in principle, I arrived late at 1845 and the meeting ran on until 2015, an audio recording of the time I was there is available to listen to on YouTube at this link:-

Lessons from Europe in Tackling London’s Housing Crisis

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There’s a discussion going on and a considerable increase in hits to my blog since somebody posted the link from:-


and so I returned to thinking about whether they are illegal or not given that Ellesmere is about to be built, and that Goldhawk Road Mk1 was nearly built.

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I had hoped to get all five films on YouTube and/or persuade the BBC to rebroadcast them. This has been partially successful in that the BBC has put New Town Home Town online.

However they have chosen not to put the other four online and so I have had to resort to other methods. It has proved impossible to put the remainder all on YouTube because Architecture for Everyman would not load properly (despite two attempts) with sound, and so this list is a combination of YouTube links, downloads and one, yes just one, via the BBC.

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Royal Academy Podcasts

March 22nd, 2014

The Architects Who Made London with Maxwell Hutchinson:

Series 1


Inigo Jones

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