There’s a discussion going on and a considerable increase in hits to my blog since somebody posted the link from:-

and so I returned to thinking about whether they are illegal or not given that Ellesmere is about to be built, and that Goldhawk Road Mk1 was nearly built.

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I had hoped to get all five films on YouTube and/or persuade the BBC to rebroadcast them. This has been partially successful in that the BBC has put New Town Home Town online.

However they have chosen not to put the other four online and so I have had to resort to other methods. It has proved impossible to put the remainder all on YouTube because Architecture for Everyman would not load properly (despite two attempts) with sound, and so this list is a combination of YouTube links, downloads and one, yes just one, via the BBC.

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Royal Academy Podcasts

March 22nd, 2014

The Architects Who Made London with Maxwell Hutchinson:

Series 1


Inigo Jones

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This list prompted by Tom Dyckhoff @tomdyckhoff on Twitter

1) I wish every architectural and political campaigning organisation would find £50 to buy one of these and use it.


2) Royal Academy podcasts, some but not all -> RA-Architecture

3) History Spot, these are good ->

4) World Service Archive -> Housing podcast list

5) Politics of Architecture -> Jonathan Glancey

This is not intended to be an article, just as a series of links about an interesting architect.

“The production of high-rise council flats was at its height in the 1960s when AW Cleeve Barr, who has died at the age of 89, rose to be the most powerful housing architect in British government service.

As such he fought, but failed, to control the proliferation of contractor-led housing systems, and his reputation was tarnished by public reaction after the collapse in 1968 of Ronan Point. A technocrat with an instinct for social justice and a streak of obstinacy, he had enthusiasms that belied his puritan convictions.”

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Not an article just a link to eight photocopies from the AJ 1962. Will be of interest to anybody keen to learn more about purpose built flats. Click the image.



Still from Mind the Gap at 37:47

We can argue about whether the Eagle flats are pure single aspect flats because the windows are on a slight curve. But £1m? Shouldn’t that buy dual aspect views and a kitchen with a view? If I had £1m I would not be spending it on these. I know it’s in London but so is the Barbican and Braithwaite House (£350,000), and those are proper flats.

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The Stuart Hall Project – again

February 24th, 2014


I deleted the first review. Thought I must be wrong. So many people on Twitter and in the reviews said how great it was that there are still Guardian readers clicking on the link in my comment and coming up dry to

I can’t put it back so I’m going to write it again.

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The story so far . . .

The_Real_JSP_City of Towers

I’ve waited 35 years to see this again, in full, at original quality. If you’ve got a good copy please get in touch, you know where I am. Thank you.

BBC Post war architecture collection contains some wonderful stuff including one of the five Where We Live Now films.

 “A ghastly and unforseen programme of gentrification undertaken with the excuse of creating mixed communities


The knowledge base on which this article builds may be found in the two films High Rise Dreams and Homes for Heroes with a more in depth look over two hours in the magnificent City of Towers.

I have been asked by a student of architecture . . .

I want to know what Single Aspect thinks makes a good design for mass housing. Is it a 24h concierge service?

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