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“As large housing estates are being demolished and the age of great social democracies recedes, taking with it any notion of an architecture for the public, OMA partner Reinier de Graaf asks if there is any alternative to building capital”


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Last night ITV devoted their programme to the London housing crisis in the course of which they visited Cressingham Gardens Estate. That clip is linked above and the 30m programme from the link below.

ITV News London 15/4/15


George Monbiot is well worth reading in today’s Guardian, here are a few extracts . . .

In reality, the deficit should rank somewhere in the low hundreds on the list of political priorities. It’s a con; an excuse for redrafting the social contract on behalf of the elite. But Labour has meekly acquiesced to this agenda, disputing only the extent of its application.

By accepting your opponents’ frame, you reinforce their power, allowing them to pull the entire polity into their own arena. No Labour capitulation has been as extreme and catastrophic as the one with which it begins this year’s manifesto.


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Economics for the election

April 15th, 2015

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If your head swims every time the word deficit or debt is mentioned you may like to follow Another Angry Voice and Ha-Joon Chang, the Cambridge economist who is able to put complex economic matters over in terms the layman like me can understand.

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Dreamspaces on Youtube

April 14th, 2015


Last year I was uploading all sorts of stuff I thought might interest those of you who pass by this blog. Now today in the course of finding stills to illustrate a couple of things I find that BBC Worldwide has put all sorts of stuff on Youtube including the Dreamspaces.

Here’s the channel link https://www.youtube.com/user/BBCWorldwide as usual no doubt I’m way behind the curve and this is common knowledge but clearly that’s a link worth exploring.


Tax the rich: an animated fairy tale

A while back when I was still on Twitter (yes I know) I came across this animated video about unrestrained neo-liberalism.  Despite retweeting it at the time it didn’t take off. I was surprised because to me it is an accurate graphic representation of what is and has been happening to our society in the UK since 1979.

It ties in with an analysis I did a while back of a Stuart Hall paper where he examines what will happen if neo-liberalism is allowed to continue to dictate policy in public life.

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drawingofficeHigh Rise Dreams

A good article from the 11th in the AJ which makes good if uncomfortable reading for those of us who remember the years before it was all dismantled.

The biggest impact on the profession was the closure of the vast majority of public sector architect departments. In-house council teams had employed thousands of architects across the country.


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The first clear chance for years to differentiate themselves, to renounce austerity and commit to a genuine Labour manifesto, sod the Mail, renationalise, reunionise, tax the rich, protect the poor, FIGHT FOR THE WORKING CLASS WHICH IS TECHNICALLY THEIR FUCKING PURPOSE and all they can offer is the Vegetarian Option

Ian Martin 2014 Labour conference

I don’t read the Guardian in order to be told what to think, I read it because their editorial views are the most closely aligned with my own. In most cases. This applies today where they summarise responses from a readers’ survey leading to a list of 10 things their readers think ought to be in the manifesto but which are not:-

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