In addition to the meeting itself there was a bonus in the foyer of the theatre in the form of a full sized ground floor plan of a 2 bed 4 person house complete with sufficient furniture to make it realistic.  This means nothing without photographs and so with the kind assistance of the staff at CABE I am able to show you the following which measures 8m x 4m:-

Click image above for larger version

Space to live
This floor plan is a full-size 1:1 scale image of the ground floor of a typical new-build two bedroom family house. Imagine two adults, a child and a baby living here. Is there space to play, or store the toys? Is there room to share a meal with your in-laws? Where do you store an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket? Where do you hang your coats? What about the dog basket? Visit space-standards-floor-plan for the article.

In terms of the layout in the theatre, the main entrance would be above the photo and the auditorium, below.  The remaining photos show the scene as laid out for an exhibition elsewhere.

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Smallest homes in Europe
The amount and quality of the space in a home affects what it’s like to live there. The data shows that we are building the smallest homes in Europe. Only England and Wales don’t have a legal floor space minimum for private sector housing.

CABE recently surveyed the space to be provided in 200 new English homes. For the majority, that space is less than in both the proposed new Homes and Communities Agency and London standards. CABE found a particular problem with two bedroom flats and houses like this one, designed to accommodate four people. Well over 80 per cent of these currently fall below the proposed new standards.

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I wrote to CABE asking for more details of the floor plan exhibit and this is what they said:-

“We had it commissioned originally for an event we held at our offices to launch a new publication about housing standards, Simpler and Better; housing design in everyone’s interest. Further information about this can be found here –

Click image above for larger version

Click image above for larger version

I would like to thank CABE both for providing the exhibit to the Broadway Theatre and for unexpectedly providing me with photographs of it when all I had done was email them to ask for more information including where else it could be seen.  A big thank you to CABE.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Good lord, that is just abominable! It’s always a problem when you have to enter the front door on the short side, that lobby eats up a third of the width. No storage on the ground floor is just shocking though. Presumably there’s a space for the hoover under the stairs there. What an interesting exercise!

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