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March 7th, 2019

For those of you who may be wondering why the “We are moving” post has disappeared I relented and decided to pay the £7.20 once more to continue the domain name for another year. For the time being my annual costs of £7.20 for the domain name and $10 for the cheap hosting will ensure the continued existence of the blog.

On a personal note we may be moving house this year, even further from London; which will mean fewer if any trips to the capital.  So essentially the blog is over but remains useful (in my eyes) for its take on housing standards and as an easily accessible table of Parker Morris standards.

Fewer people write to the blog these days and I put that down to the lack of new articles and the Student Reading page which has put paid to the PhD students who used to write now and again. Also Architects for Social Housing have not only carried forward the fight for the estates but done so in a way that far exceeds my wildest hopes and long may they continue.

So here it remains for those of you who want to know what a Crap Flat is and what to avoid when you go looking for a new home.

Here’s what recent visitors have been looking at in decreasing order of interest. 1) Home page 2) Crap flats 3) Scissor flats 4) What is a single aspect flat 5) Single aspect flats 6) Ikea flat layouts 7) Pepys Estate 8) Parker Morris standards 9) Author 10) Woods House Pimlico.

Lastly the Cressingham Gardens article remains stuck to the front page for two reasons. One because I regard it as my most successful article and two because I still hope the estate may be saved and want to do all I can to prevent demolition.

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