We’re moving – slowly

November 22nd, 2018

This is the first step in a six month move. I have decided that for two reasons it is time to move the blog. The first reason is financial, there is no reason to go on paying for domain name hosting and server space with the administration this involves, when the blog can sit on a WordPress.com platform troublefree.

The second is longevity. I have not blogged for some time and want somewhere the blog can remain with or without my input into the unforseeable future.

Therefore the account I have had on WordPress instead of sitting there as a picture library, will now come back into use for its original purpose as the home of this blog.

It will take time to move the articles and more time to clear up the errors that result. However, by next spring when this blog hosting runs out and I release the singleaspect.org.uk domain name the blog will be up and running in a similar though different format at the following address:-


In this way I hope to ensure the longevity of the blog and enable continued access to it.

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