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I’ve been running a college website for what seems like forever but is in fact only 18 years and recently its free hosting failed. In the course of attempting to encourage others to reinstate it I have had to refresh my knowledge of PHP and MySQL so I thought I’d put a few notes here in case they prove useful to others in a similar position.

If you want to run and edit a website yourself, on your computer, you can do this quite easily. I have a found a clean link to the most up to date software here

I have tested it on Virustotal and it is clean. It reported no viruses.

If you expand it into a folder on your Windows computer and run Server2Go.exe it ought to come up with a window like the attached image which I am running in a Virtual Machine running XP because that’s what I do and it’s convenient but it ought to run on Windows 7 if that’s what you’ve got.

Buy this book as a guide and away you go.

While you’re waiting for the book to arrive we can do a few simple things to test it. Having installed the software you ought to be able to get the screen above up that’s the opening screen and you can test the links to see where they go. Unfortunately the author’s website has gone but the software lives on.

PHPInfo if you test this link the username is root and there is no password set.

Documentation here from the WayBack Machine (archived websites)

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