Lately the BBC wants to know who’s watching and listening to what programmes all in the interests of data collection and probably eventually linking it to the TV licence database to catch the dodgers.

Securing their income I can understand but tying what I listen and watch to my email address and name and address is something else so if like me you want continued access to programmes without logging in then it’s time to learn about get_iplayer.

Get_iplayer is a command line program which enables you to download most BBC television and radio programmers to watch on your computer without having to go through iPlayer and especially without having to log in to do so.

The programmes are not always available at the same resolution as they are at the time of broadcast but they are available. For the technically minded it’s all here at the link below:-

This is a bit more user friendly but I admit this process is probably not for the everyday computer user.

Tutorials here (thanks to a comment).

Nevertheless it works and rewards the inquisitive.

Here’s an extract from the help file:-

## Features

* Downloads TV and radio programmes from BBC iPlayer
* Allows multiple programmes to be downloaded using a single command
* Indexing of most available iPlayer catch-up programmes (not BBC Three, Red Button or iPlayer Exclusive)
* Caching of index with automatic updating
* Regex search on programme name
* Regex search on programme description and episode title
* Filter search results by channel
* Direct download via programme ID or URL
* PVR capability (may be used with cron or Task Scheduler)
* HTTP proxy support
* Perl 5.10.1+ required, plus LWP, LWP::Protocol::https, XML::LibXML and Mojolicious modules
* Requires ffmpeg for conversion to MP4 and AtomicParsley for metadata tagging
* Runs on Linux/BSD (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenBSD and others), macOS (10.10+), Windows (7/8/10 – XP/Vista not supported)

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    Tutorials here:

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