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November 9th, 2012

It’s Friday so something a bit more light hearted, a quick look at what have constituted the most popular downloads of late.

Downloads Hits
/pdf/loh/OHLW_08_Event_Programme.pdf 10
/pdf/dwg0.pdf 9
/pdf/b2b/Volume2-BackgroundResearch-Final1_12112008162257.pdf 8
/pdf/b2b/Volume1-Strategy-Final_12112008130053.pdf 7
/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Openhouse.pdf 6
/pdf/Kapoor.pdf 5
/pdf/longbridge_road_uel.pdf 4
/pdf/AJ%2013.03.08%20Housing%20Article_T.Mitchell_small.pdf 3
Trellick Tower 2
/pdf/loh/OHLW09%20Programme%20.pdf 1

With the exception of Trellick.mp4 the rest have been pretty consistent over several months.

From the top downwards, for some unexplained reason 2008 London Open House is considerably more popular than the other years, I have yet to find out why.

The baby grand pianos in the Kensington Odeon by Squire and Partners have attracted a lot of attention (dwg0.pdf).

The two back to back reports from have proved massively popular although I have no idea among whom.

Open House 2005 (text only) is next followed by Guide to Sustaining Existing Tower Blocks in the UK 

The history of Longbridge Road and the University of East London attracts a fair amount of attention covering as it does their various campus moves around London.

One of my personal favourites the article about Irish Housing Standards from the AJ is next, their standards are higher than ours, they include a requirement for double aspect flats.

Trellick Tower – Building Sights is a recent acquisition and I don’t have the right to host it but until someone complains I’ll leave it there.

Open House 2009 proves once again the sustained interest there is all year round in Open House. I remain of the opinion from the downloads that LOH weekend would prove popular once a month never mind once a year.

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