UPDATE: July 15th 2017 If you’d like to improve this file and you also use a Garmin then download Garmin Express for updates and BaseCamp for locations. It’s possible to hand edit all the OHL locations on the BaseCamp map and copy them to your Garmin.

UPDATE: May 3rd 2017 This is way out of date, at the time I was walking round London with a Satnav in my pocket and it was useful. Now most people have a Smartphone with a navigation app on and I haven’t updated this file since 2012 so I’ll leave it here for historical purposes only.

For the POI file we need four columns  long | lat | name | description

With the help of Adrian Short I’ve created a new file for 2012 which you can download from the link below:-


I’ve tested it on my Garmin Nuvi 250W and it works fine.

If you want to improve it, and know the exact locations of the buildings listed, then you can use the online POI editor at http://garmin.gps-data-team.com/extra/ and reset the inaccurate locations. On saving the file, columns C and D will be merged and must be separated before reloading it to the satnav.

Wetherspoon used to have TomTom and Garmin POI files on their website but the link has disappeared. Probably because the majority of you have a smartphone now and use the OHL application.

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