North Shields in the sunshine

October 20th, 2017

I like North Shields. Its impressive collection of buildings on Howard Street, and along from the ferry to Fish Quay and beyond are ample reason to praise it as one of the most attractive districts of North Tyneside.

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A wet walk round Tynemouth

October 20th, 2017

Misty Priory

Below the intention outlined in blue. Above the reality seen through rain. We’ll start with my wet arrival in Tynemouth and come back to the housing search further down the page.

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A flying visit to Hebburn

October 18th, 2017

A back lane near Jesmond Pool

If there is one enduring image I will take with me from a few days looking at housing in Newcastle it is the back streets between the houses lined with bins and overlooked by the bathroom and kitchen extensions and the rear staircases of the upper Tyneside flats.

My intial intention as outlined earlier was simply to “visit all the surrounding areas, but not the centre, and look at their C19th housing” an ambition easier said than done.

This subject is layers deep and to do it justice would be a work of months not hours and so therefore I will simply fly through some of the photographs I took with details when and where it seems appropriate.

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West End library local history section

What is a heritage walk?

It is a walk joining a number of points of interest together in a circular route, with illustrated descriptions of each point of interest in a leaflet, information panel or Smartphone app.

Newcastle city centre

GraingerTown.pdf – English Heritage – GraingerTown.pdf (EH)

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The libraries proved to be of more benefit than I had allowed for and in fact the local history sections were invaluable (West End, Cruddas Park, Byker and Hebburn so far).

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Newcastle – NLS maps

October 9th, 2017

I started here Side by side Wingrove and Elswick and changed to the transparency slider when I realised it was more useful.

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Our journey begins at the National Library of Scotland online maps and their tile server.

I needed a new angle on the city and so was born my ambition to visit all the surrounding areas, but not the centre,  and look at their C19th housing. Not much left in the case of Byker (a pub, a church, two chapels and a school) and Hebburn (a few rows of housing, two churches, a Sunday school, a former bank and the rotting offices of Hawthorn Leslie) but we’ll come to that. More in the case of Jesmond, Heaton, and Gateshead despite the 1930s demolitions in the latter case.

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2017:09:29 16:22:44

It was a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon in Peterlee and as I was taking photographs of the pavilion against the sun a teenaged girl walked past me on the footpath, underneath the pavilion, and up a staircase I had barely registered on the far side.

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Newcastle placeholder

October 1st, 2017

Tom Collins House on the Byker estate

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Petra – Jordan

November 26th, 2016


If you can afford to go, go. The Guardian article is right. Don’t take the donkey ride (unless you can’t walk), walk through the Siq because that will provide the long walk you need to get acclimatised to the environment. The Siq winds – you don’t see the Treasury until the end and its appearance around a corner is astonishing.

I was lucky enough to go there in 1990 but don’t expect it has changed much – and quiet is good. If the Syrian war has put people off then fine. I certainly wouldn’t want to be there when it’s crowded.

And yes. It really is that colour. It’s beautiful.